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Adopter feedback

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Some of our adopters started a feedback thread on Facebook which can be read here:

- and here are just a few comments from those who've adopted our babies recently....

can not thank you enough for all the hard work you have put in to the twins! they are just perfect. I can't believe how well they are settling in already! The kids had a cuddle and kissed them goodnight. They adore them. As i type, Daisy is having a good munch on her food and His Nibs is lay, stretched out in their cushion basket thingy. They have had a big drink, some food and a munch on hay, and i couldnt believe it, a binky around!!! Daisy wants to follow me in and out of the kitchen and wasn't impressed that i closed the gate behind me and half squeezed herself threw the bars!! (have blocked it off now) They have both even been for wees in their litter tray! So friendly and very demanding already!  I'm over joyed and totally in love with them! Theyve only been here an hour or so and its like they've been here a long time already! Thank you so much.

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It really is such a pleasure having them :)  They have met our dog today! it was lovely earlier so i penned off the patio and they had a meet and great with "Belle" She is amazed by them (very different from watching the piggies) They have been touching noses through the bars and Belle wouldnt leave the side of the pen the whole time they were out there, so good sign so far :)  

Also no accidents over night or through the day!?! I can't really believe it, my other buns never learnt how to use the litter tray...ever! I'm very impressed with them! My guinea pigs have never won my husband over but he is totally in love with the twins and wont leave them be! After 10 years ive seen another side to my husband haha!  The big tough builder is now just like a big cuddly bunny himself, although he wont admit to anyone im sure ;)
So i can't thank you enough
GW, Gloucestershire.

"How do you manage to breed them so tame?!  They're not at all nervous or skittish like other rabbits!"

We are home safely and Florence and Dylan are settled in their new hutch. They certainly are everything you said they would be and both L--- and I are thrilled to have adopted them ! Tomorrow we shall take some pics in the garden and also of Maddies grandbabies for you :o) Tell Walter we thought he was stunning and we promise to look after love and care for his babies :o)
Thanks again Karen for entrusting your beautiful bunnies to us and also for all your trusted advice.
Talk soon
JW, Bedfordshire

ello! just thought i'd let you know how binky is getting on, he's settled in lovely and is such a character.  All of my family love him which is such a surprise because they're not really rabbit people, infact i caught my mam giving him a cuddle earlier so thank you so much for all your help and support and for my beautiful boy! x
BC, Torfaen

"Isn't he calm?  We've never had a rabbit like this before!"

Just thought I would let you know our baby girl has settled in perfectly! I let her settle in quiet last night and just had a cuddle in the evening before bed... Today she's come to life and its like she's always been here! She is called Delilah and is busy having the run of the house, having lots of cuddles and nudging me for attention! I think she may be a little madame and be very spoilt, if I shut her crate she impatiently waits to be let back out. She's been binky-ing all over my living room (she'
s doing it now!) and has found her favourite corner to lay flat out in. Her favourite thing is a long nose rub, she gently grinds her teeth and dozes away. To my surprise she has really taken to my son and keeps trying to climb on his lap, which he finds very funny. She is very chilled and all his excited squeals and crashing around don't phase her at all, she just goes back to him and nudges him, even when he climbs in her crate, she climbs in under him too!! She is the most gentle and friendly young bun I've ever had so thank you for all your hard work!! She is going to be one loved little/big girl!
I have attached some photos, thought you might like a peek into her new life!
Thanks again,
AW, Glos

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Delilah is the most wonderful bun and very pampered as you can see, she is our big baby. Everybody that meets her loves her (and wants to take her home!!) she is the biggest fuss pot and is always nudging and asking for fuss. She makes herself comfy on the sofa rolling on her back and coming onto my lap for long cuddles every evening. She's so well behaved she now has free run of the house and I never have to shut her away, not even at night : ) Surprisingly she has even made best friends with our dog (a springer) and they lay together and groom one another!

Just wanted to say thank you for letting me have two fabulous rabbits, both Fennella and Felix are coming on brilliantly and are such characters.
Can say, with the exception of Bruno, our British Giant that we lost in July; these two are the best rabbits ever.
They live in a large shed with shelving, and have now managed to manoevre themseves into the eaves, and have great fun in
throwing the contents of the shelves onto the floor. so it is now a great game for me to put stuff back, so they can do it all over again.
They love their ears stroked and heads scratched, and give me endless pleasure, so thank you once again.
Best wishes,
JR, North Wales

Harvey is loving charging around the living room....and in and out of his cage...and bouncing in the gorgeous
bunny hugggss
and Harvey, Devon

What a handsome boy. He is settling into his home in Blackpool. He was a very good boy during the 4 hour car trip home.
KB, Blackpool

Just an update on our not so little bundle of fun!
He has settled in brilliantly - he has his area which he spends a lot of time in but  he loves coming out and exploring the lounge and keeps us amused by running and jumping around all over the place. (He always goes back home to go to use his litter tray so a clean house too - a big "thank you" for starting them so young!).
He absolutely loves being smoothed and nudges us to remind us if we've left it too long (ie more than 5 minutes!). He is a real softie but very confident and he is so relaxed we catch him fast asleep on his side most days now! He eats *loads* and has definitely grown, even his ears - they're enormous!
e is definitely one of the family!
A&P R, Merthyr Tydfil

From the moment he arrived Augustus has been one of the happiest ‘little’ rabbits I have come across, I expected him to need a few days to adjust to life as a housebun and an only bun but he was off .......... hopping and binkying around like a pro! Stopping only to eat, drink and poo to reassure me that all was well. He is the master of power naps, power pees (in his litter tray) and power eating of course! When he does flake out there is no waking him either.
Following in Bruno’s pawsteps was going to be a big ask but one Augustus is doing in his own sweet way. I have also never been cleaned so thoroughly and often he is a licking champion!
Thank you so much for letting me have one of your buns again.
SA, Yeovil


Hello Aunty Karen

Just saying hello on my 7th birthday! I am very well and enjoy running round my garden and socialising in the house every evening.

I had a bit of dental work last December but the problem hasn't recurred and when I had my vaccination a few weeks ago the vet weighed me and found me heavier than ever before - 7.85kg! I am quite chunky and very athletic.

I hope you and all the bunnies are well
With best bunny wishes



It's been a few months so I thought I would update you on my very handsome baby. He has settled into life in Pershore extremely well, has met all of the neighbours and friends -Jean is frantically growing parsley for him lol! Actually he has Jean wrapped round his little paw!!
He adores Toby (our spaniel who is an absolute mutt as you would imagine) to the extent that when we are playing football with Toby, Teddy flies round his outdoor garden run trying to join in, it's hilarious!
I just love him to bits, I really do, he is cuddly and we have cuddles and kisses most of the time - he likes to nustle under my chin or get right up by my ear. Having said that he is very cheeky at the same time and run rings round me - he waits by one of his doors for me to put him to bed at night and no word of a lie he waits for me to get him back up in the morning lol! He also gets me into trouble as dinner is always late these days - Gordon says "have you been playing with that bunny again" lol "oops" 😀
Mornings are an extremely mad time with him as he flies round his hutch, throwing binnies and using his litter tray as a sledge across the hutch lol!
Teddy's other quirks are that he loves standing on things, his drain pipe and his play table which does have a tendency to wobble now he is getting bigger, so he,s there trying to balance lol!
But thankyou for a truly gorgeous bundle of cuddle and joy.
SP, Pershore

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