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Adults available

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Those who have been following us for some time will be aware that this has not been the best breeding year for us (or others) with the icy winter and spring rendering the bucks temporarily infertile followed by an intense heatwave through the summer from June to late-August which had a similar affect on our girls. This has meant that we haven't produced the girls we hoped for to maintain our line through the coming years. Also we are having to plan ahead for the following decade and this has greatly affected our plans with the consequence that we have taken the unprecedented decision to part with some of our much-loved adults.  Bearing in mind our Frenchies can live for 8-10 years (but we only breed from them for 2-3 years at most), we are now in the position of having to ensure our line is strong with young blood plus a new 'outside' stud buck.  So.... we are also offering two of our ladies for adoption.

We are aware that some people prefer to adopt adults rather than babies and these can pair well with older partners. Bounty and Ursula are over 3 years which is our usual breeding cut-off age so, although they could enjoy a further 5-6 years, they must not be bred from.

Adults available


Born: 13/1/2014
Black otter daughter of Wiki and Bournville.
Bounty is our long-term favourite, a big, cuddly gentle girl with a glossy black otter coat. 
She is fully litter-trained and would make a super house-bunny where she is the only bunny.
Because she is very affectionate she will need a lot of fuss and cuddles just as she is used to here and she is very easily handled.
Vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD1 - mid August 2018: VHD2 (Filovac) - end August 2018

- Now enjoying life in Yorkshire 
Born: 8/5/2014
Our first-ever black fox French Lop
Daughter of Ulysses and Bournville
Ursula is a smaller but chunky black fox girl and mother of Ola, she is fully litter-trained and could live indoors or outdoors. If living outdoors she would need a compatible buck friend who must be neutered.
Vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD1- mid August 2018: VHD2 (Filovac) - end August 2018

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