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Adults available

Adult available

Following a very successful breeding year, we have retained a few too many girls from last year's litters and so are offering one of our adult ladies for adoption.

Melissa - frosty point girl

Melissa is a bright and active, sociable French Lop girl, daughter of Billie (orange) and Olaf (frosty point), born 29 May 2017, and would be an ideal outdoor bunny companion for a compatible neutered buck partner.  She enjoys outdoor life and loves to spend her days lazing in a pen on the lawn with her friends.

She was vaccinated against VHD2 on 5 October 2019 and had her Myxo/VHD1 vaccination on 29 April 2019.

She is in excellent health, has never been unwell or had any dental issues and has not been spayed.  However, her fur coat is quite light coat along with having lightly-furred feet so she can be prone to sore hocks.  To avoid these, she benefits from soft bedding such as barley straw or smooth wood to keep her feet healthy and should avoid rough ground such as rough concrete.

Adoption fee: £25  - RESERVED
(to include a starter bag of her current pellets)
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