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In memory of Attila the Bun
A letter from Attila's adopters, in memory of a very special house-bunny who died aged 5 years and 9 months.

We just wanted to write and tell you about our beloved bunny Attila.

Thank you so much for putting us in touch with Jason. It is awful having a bunny and knowing that many vets, by their own omission, know little about rabbits, so being able to refer to Jason was a godsend. We had always been so lucky with Attila that he had never been ill. We had sourced a good supplier of Timothy hay and his teeth were excellent as was his heart and the rest of his organs according to all the vets. We had always spoilt him when it came to his diet, making sure he had the very best of everything. He was - and now he’s not here, it is even more apparent - the centre of our lives and always gave us such joy. He gave us love unconditionally which we returned.

You may be interested to know the diagnosis should this help you in the future for any of your other bunnies. We decided to take Attila to see Jason and he layed in our arms for the seven hour round trip in the car, he was such a good bunny. When we saw Jason at 7pm on Wednesday evening, he examined him thoroughly and said he was slightly jaundiced. He decided to give him an ultrasound as his liver was enlarged and he wanted to check all his internal organs. He said his heart and lungs were excellent. He also examined his teeth and said they were perfect, not only for an old bunny, but for a bunny of any age. During his ultrasound, he decided to take a biopsy via a fine needle inserted into his liver and sent it to the lab he uses. He said he had never asked for the results to be returned urgently before but did so this time for Attila. We returned home with him that night, very proud of Attila as he was an absolute angel during this whole procedure. On Thursday however, he was not interested in food at all. We found Attila on the Friday morning unable to stand or even lift his head, so we rang Jason who advised our vet to administer a powerful painkiller and he would chase up the lab results. They came back at 5:20pm with a diagnosis of Lymphoma and Jason said it was time to say goodbye. We took him to our local vet who was waiting for him, everyone was very upset it had come to this as we had all fought so hard, no more than Attila, to get him through this. We laid him on the table and gave him a nose rub and told him what a good bunny he was as he drifted off to sleep.

We would just like to add, that Attila was indeed the best animal companion anyone could ever have. He was not a pet, but a member of the family. He had the entire run of the house and was never caged. He was so good and well behaved all of the time, we would find him in his favourite spots in the house during the day, stretched out, paws one over the other, back feet stretched out behind him. During the evening he would join us watching TV and begged for cuddles. He would lie in our arms for hours, asleep on his back while we sat on the sofa and if he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention at any point during the day, would nudge our feet with his head to tell us he was there or go dig up the carpet or tear up the cardboard box tunnels we had for him. After he had enough of our attention he would lick us or as we liked to think of it, give us a kiss, to say thank you.

Everything you promised us about having a house rabbit he fulfilled and so much more. He was the most affectionate bunny and would let us do anything with him. We dressed him in a Santa outfit at Christmas and he loved presents being opening so he could play with the wrapping paper. If we ever were doing something on the floor he would always bound over to be nosey and if anyone came to the door he was there too to see. If he heard voices he would find where we were and look for us upstairs when we went to bed. He loved being cuddled in bed with the duvet over him and would flick his back feet at us if he was annoyed with us for any reason. He never touched the furniture but we would often find him digging in the sofa, convinced we had somehow disappeared down it if he couldn’t see one of us. Falling asleep without him was not allowed and should one of us doze off in front of him, he would jump on us to make sure we were alright.

He came on holiday with us for the six years we had him and was a very well travelled bunny. He would sit on the backseat of the car on our various trips around Britain with his litter tray in the foot well and loved investigating the cottages we stayed at. We stayed at a converted barn in Yorkshire one year and he hunted out all the under floor heating hot spots to lay on. There are many Hoseason visitor books stating how much he enjoyed his stay. Whenever we went to the vets for his VHD and Myxomatosis Inoculations we never put him in a box but carried him in our arms. Everyone made a fuss of him and everyone fell in love with him, even by the repair men who came to the house, as Attila would like to try and help them with their task.

We loved him dearly and are devastated by his loss. Although he is irreplaceable it would be hard to imagine ever having another animal now that isn’t a French Lop.

Thank you so so much for bringing Attila into our lives, we really can’t say how much we are going to miss him. Those five and three quarter years passed far too quickly and the house will never feel the same again without him.

November 2011

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