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Babies for Sale

Babies for Sale

Cuddly bunnies for sale

We breed only high quality, purebred, friendly and affectionate French Lop and, in the past, very occasional French Lop x Continental Giant companion pets.

As we are very small-scale, non-commercial hobbyist pet owners/breeders producing only a few litters per year, we won't always have babies available for adoption but we do keep a waiting list of enquirers.  So, if you're interested in welcoming one of our bunnies into your home or garden for a lifetime of love, fuss and cuddles, then please get in touch.  

All of our babies are:

  • handled from birth

  • gregarious and fully-socialised as companion pets.  

  • most will also be litter-trained to become perfect house-bunnies

  • used to lots of attention, handling, fuss, cuddles and pampering

We normally keep a few girls from each litter but all boys produced and any surplus girls will be available for adoption by loving pet homes

Our French Lops are companion pets and are available to to permanent and loving pet homes only.

Page updated: 19 September 2019

We have babies available

 - ready now!

  Black butterfly boy

Agouti boy

(slightly fluffy coat due to moulting his nest coat)

 Our handsome boys are offered for adoption by a loving pet home where, ideally, they can live as pampered house-rabbits becoming a full member of the household.

They have been handled from an hour following birth with daily handling fuss, love and cuddles and are almost fully litter trained.

They should reach about 5.5-6kg as a fully-grown adults and would make an ideal house-rabbits where they can enjoy lots of space, fuss and attention from their new family.

Alternatively, they could live outdoors in a large hutch with daily access to a safe pen or enclosed safe garden.

Born 1 July 2019.  Ready now. 

Adoption fee: £75 each

Full care, feeding information and lifelong support and advice will be provided, of course.

If you are interested in adopting from the litter, please drop us an email and we will forward reservation details.


 If you are interested in adopting and would like to receive reservation details for future litters, just email and we will forward reservation information by return.

About our babies...

Medical background and vaccinations:  
All babies will be treated with an anticoccidiostat either via ACS pellets or oral Baycox at 5 and 6 weeks to guard against coccidiosis (which can attack the liver and/or intestines) to give our babies the best possible start in life.

We will provide full comprehensive care information, feeding details and ongoing support and advice for all bunnies adopted from us throughout their lives.  We care deeply for our bunnies' ongoing welfare and are always here to provide support and answer any questions following their adoption.

Adoption fee:
 Our babies are priced at £75 each.  We will also provide a voucher offering 30 days free insurance, on request.  There is absolutely no 'profit' from the sale of kits and any income goes directly into their kitty as a small token contribution towards the buns' feeding and care costs.  We do not breed for profit or income!

How to adopt:
If you would like to adopt, please let us know your preferred choice of kits. We will require a completed Bunny Reservation Form for each kit or pair of kits reserved.  This is required by Law for all live animal adoptions in the UK.  

Breeding Policy:  
We breed only to maintain, improve and add new colours to our lines by retaining girls from litters.  We usually offer most boys produced for adoption and we adopt carefully selected 'outside' bucks as studs to introduce new and complimentary gene pools and bloodlines.  

If you would like to receive reservation information, just email and we’ll forward details by return.

Interested in adopting...??

Please contact us via email at if you are interested in adopting any of our babies and we will forward reservation details to you. 

Our Parents' photographs can be seen on ‘Our Bunnies’ page.

Or, if you are interested in adopting a cuddly pet bunny from a future litter, please complete the form below and we will keep you posted on any new arrivals (this is just an inquiry, not a reservation or request to join the waiting list).  
Please note, we breed only to maintain our lines so will not always have babies available.  We breed mostly between September-November and February-April and don't normally produce any litters during the hot summer months.

 boy - girl pair
 no preference
 December 2019
 January 2020
 February 2020
 March 2020
 April 2020
 October/November 2020
outdoor rabbit(s)
Not yet decided
 Frosty point (white with chinchilla)
 Agouti coat or agouti butterfly pattern
 Orange or orange butterfly pattern
 Blue coat or blue butterfly pattern
 Opal coat or opal butterfly pattern
 Chinchilla/chinchilla butterfly pattern
 Black coat or black butterfly pattern
 Just a big cuddly bundle to love!


Adoption Fees*:   Babies are priced individually when available + combined annual myxomatosis and VHD1 vaccination at cost.  *This adoption fee is a contribution towards the upkeep of the bunnies and rearing youngsters.  There is absolutely no profit made from the sale of our surplus babies.

Target Leaving Dates
:  Will be stated for each litter, subject to weaning.  Should there be any delays or the babies progress at different rates, the alternative collection dates will be the following Friday or Saturday.  All collection dates are subject to weaning, progress and achieving target weight.  If there is any delay then we ask you to please confirm that the Friday or Saturday following the target leaving date given would also be convenient for you.   

:   All babies must be collected personally from our home near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.  We do not ‘ship’ bunnies either within the UK or overseas.  However, if you are unable to travel, it may occasionally be possible to meet you on a weekday eg at a motorway service station within your area if you agree to reimburse our fuel costs in advance for the return trip (45p per mile).  

How to Reserve
:  Please contact us if you are interested in adopting any of the surplus babies from one of our litters and we will forward reservation details. A  £40 deposit (£41.65 if paid via PayPal) will secure your reservation. The balance is payable on collection day.

Deposits can be paid securely via Paypal using your credit or debit card and you do not need to have a PayPal account.  Payment of your deposit will be deemed as acceptance of our Adoption Terms
.  When making your payment, please indicate which bunny you wish to reserve.  A receipt will be sent immediately via PayPal and we will confirm your reservation directly with you.

If you wish to use PayPal to pay your deposit, please use the link below...

Deposits can be paid via PayPal using these links
(includes PayPal fee)

Alternatively, deposit payments can be made via online banking which avoids the PayPal fee.  
Please email and ask for our reservation details.

We provide full written care advice and feeding information for all bunnies adopted from us along with ongoing support and advice following adoption for the lifetime of the rabbits.

For suggestions re outdoor housing for large bunnies, please read our Big Bunnies Housing page.  

Our new book 'Caring for your Companion Pet Rabbit - A Guide for Grown-Ups' - can be ordered online from Amazon.

Also available on DVD with guidance videos and demonstrations.

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