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Published by K Wren in Announcements · 6/12/2014 17:21:22

It's taken a long time but we have now moved house.  We're still close to Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire but now living out of town in a quiet and more rural location.  The buns have super new accommodation too, nine 10' long hutches within their own bunny house appropriately named 'The Bunny Digs'.  It took a month to build using Douglas Fir, a cedar shingle roof and even a roof-light for additional daylight particularly during the winter months when they spend less time in the garden.  Although we completed our house purchase in early October, we couldn't possibly move in without our furrymob family members who had to take priority, so the move was postponed until it was finished.

Naturally, Wally is still living indoors as a house-bunny and has his own 'Wally's Warren' upstairs complete with window overlooking the garden and he loves it:

The buns are enjoying their new lifestyle and enjoy going out on short rambles:

Due to the move we had to take a long break from breeding and haven't produced any litters since early 2014 so now we need to resume to ensure we have some new young girls to help maintain our line through 2015-2016.  We have a young litter born this week but the kit we have our eye on as perfect for continuing our line appears to be a boy - which is bad luck because we only keep girls for breeding.  He's going to be quite a handsome lad though.

- and with his siblings:

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