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A new boy

Published by K Wren in Announcements · 2/11/2013 16:48:33

We are excited and proud to introduce our new stud boy, Bournville.

He is a very handsome chocolate otter purebreed Frenchy with superb headshape and a rich chocolate coat.  As soon as he is ready then we will be trying for our first litter with him.  Already, most of our girls carry otter pattern and it's possible that we might have blue otter and/or chocolate otter babies in the future which we are very excited about.

It's taken a mere 7 months to find the right boy, during which time we met numerous Frenchies with poor headshape, eye/teeth problems, undersized due to incorrect diet and a stud where all of the buns were riddled with pasteurella.  Finding our new boy was a stroke of luck and we're delighted with him.

He's now out of quarantine, vaccinated and enjoyed lots of handling and is looking forward to meeting our girls when he's ready.

Meet Bournville:

A wonderfully rich chocolate coat

Perfect Frenchy headshape

A lovely pet who's been enjoying exploring our garden

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