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Bunny weights

Published by K Wren in General update · 19/3/2014 14:49:05

Following on from the earlier post showing hefty Wallys, the gang have now been weighed:

  • Wallys - 8.6kg

  • Wiki - 7.7kg

  • Cara - 6.7kg

  • Carmen - 6.7kg

  • Wally - 6.6kg

  • Walter - 6.4kg

  • Camelia - 6.2kg

  • MyFi - 5.9kg

  • Bournville - 4.9kg

- quite a variation and no specific pattern either.  Wally and Wallys are littermates from a small litter of just four (Carmen (Carla) /Walter) and Wiki is their half-sister (Kilda (Tylda) /Walter) from a larger litter.  Even their parents don't appear to have had a direct bearing upon the adult weights of their offspring.

How big can they grow?

Published by K Wren in General update · 17/3/2014 21:41:22

Our first-ever black otter French Lop girl

Published by K Wren in General update · 7/3/2014 21:48:24
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