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Rabbit Care CD

Bunny Care

The Rabbit Owner's CD
All you need to know to choose and care for your companion pet rabbit
The most comprehensive rabbit care and healthcare CD available - a 'must' for all companion pet rabbit owners.  
Fully cross-referenced throughout with an easy-to-navigate format.
Photographs and Video used throughout.

Sample Screenshots from the CD



Chapters include

  • Summary of Basic Rabbit Care

  • Overview of Pet Bunnies

  • Introduction to Rabbit Physiology

  • Choosing your Pet Rabbit

  • Where to Buy From - and Why...

  • Signs to look for when adopting your bunny

  • Deciding whether to adopt a male or female (or both)

  • Breed Sizes - photographs and descriptions of different popular breeds

  • Coat Colours - photographs and descriptions of some popular colours

  • Handling your bunny - how to pick up a bunny illustrated via video

  • Housing your bunny

  • Making your own hutch and run

  • Feeding your bunny

  • Equipment needed to care for  your bunny

  • Exercise Run

  • House and Litter-training

  • Grooming

  • Fitting a Lead & Harness

  • Going for a Walk/Run

  • Rabbit Health and Illness - with treatment tips

  • Bunny Behaviour

  • Advice on Castration/Spaying

  • Bonding a Group of Bunnies


How to identify and treat a range of common illnesses - many are illustrated by photographs and/or video:-

  • a 'normal' poo and caecoptroph pellet - signs of good health!

  • claw-clipping

  • identifying eye-infections & administering eye drops

  • removing excess fur

  • furballs

  • gastric stasis

  • mucoid enteropathy

  • checking hydration/dehydration

  • pasteurella

  • skin problems (including mites)

  • moulting

  • sore hocks

  • abscess

  • fly strike

  • E. cuniculi

  • vaccinations required

  • symptoms of myxomatosis (typical and atypical)

14 "How To'' Videos* show:

  • what to look for when adopting a young, baby bunny

  • how to give your bunny a daily health-check

  • how to identify signs of dehydration

  • how to pick up and roll your bunny onto his back

  • how to groom your bunny

  • how to check teeth for malocclusion

  • how to give a nose-rub!

  • how to give a shoulder massage!

*These are WMV files and require Windows Media Player included with all editions of Microsoft Windows.  They might not play on an Apple-Mac computer.

Illustrative photographs and video clips show how to:-

  • pick up and hold a bunny

  • sex a bunny

  • roll a bunny onto his/her back

  • clip claws

  • administer eye drops

  • fit a lead/harness

  • take your bunny for a walk - or run!

  • groom your bunny to remove excess fluff

  • identify skin complaints and signs of moulting

  • check for health problems (teeth, eyes, hydration, mites, sore hocks, abscesses...)

Caring for your Companion Pet Rabbit - a DVD Guide for Grown-Ups

Caring for your Companion Pet Rabbit - a DVD Guide for Grown-Ups

Comprehensive rabbit care and healthcare computer-DVD guide with illustrative and guidance/demonstration videos.  
All you need to know about caring for your pet rabbit.

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