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July 2010 - July 2014

Our beloved Daisy died suddenly in the early hours of Tuesday morning, just a fortnight away from her 4th birthday.  We are devastated... <snip - gastric stasis symptoms...>

Sorry to have gone on, but I know you will  understand. I know there have been buns that you have both been very attached to.  We just wanted to say a huge thank you, to you and your other adopter...... if you remember, you both gently encouraged us to think of having two buns....as we would only have had Herbie, and our lives would not have been enriched by knowing our darling Daisy.

You have to admit she would be a strong challenger for the Miss World of bunnies...but she had a wonderful character to go with her good looks. She was so funny, mischievious, intelligent.... The garden feels so empty without that life force that was Daisy.  I keep expecting to see her little black and white head poking our from the flowers. She was always doing something to make us smile...jumping onto the bench to reach tall plants, breaking into the barricade protecting various plants to find something juicy to eat, helping herself to my weetabix that was left unattended, begging for titbits, bounding along the sideway with me to go  through the side gate to the front garden to get a look at the exciting outside world.  We will so miss our little companion.

She had a very happy 4 years with us.  I know the life expectancy for Frenchies is not much more than 5 but Woody lived until 6 and we were hoping to enjoy her company for a while longer, but it was not to be. I remember having her on my lap on the way home from you, and she nibbling my fingers the whole wayhome!  I thought then, what have we let ourselves in for..but I had no idea how utterly wonderful it would be!

Herbie is not doing too badly.  He must miss her so, as they have never been apart for any length of time, but he is doing normal things and eating, which is the main thing.  We try and give him even more attention.


July 2010 - October 2014

Our precious Herbie died three months to the day after we lost his sister Daisy. He passed away peacefully in his sleep one night, snuggled up in the straw. He was such a great comfort to us in those three months, as we tried to get used to life without Daisy.  In turn, we tried to give him as much attention as possible, but he must have pined for Daisy, as they had been inseperable since birth.

It really was a case of "ying" and "yang", as they complemented each other perfectly. Whereas Daisy was flamboyant, dear Herbs was very easy going, placid and laid back. He was very tolerant and patient of  Daisy dashing about around him. They adored each other.  

He was quite a stubborn lad, 'though. If he didn't want to go back into his hutch, he would dig his from paws in and refuse to budge. He was particularly skilled at finding the exact place half-way behind the flower bed and bushes where it was impossible to reach him from either end - I often went back to work , looking as if I had been through a hedge backwards, as I had tried to reach him.

He was such a handsome boy, with his rich brown, gold and fawn tones...and of course his black nose. Herbie really grew into his nose, as bunnies usually grow into their ears! As a baby the black patch was huge in relation to the rest of him. That's what we remember from those early photos you sent us.

Like Daisy, Herbie loved digging. Between them, they created a long, deep trench at the bottom of the garden, often showering each other with soil as they dug together. In the summer, they would be found lying side by side on the cool earth; from the top of the garden we could just about see their heads poking up above the level of the grass.

The garden feels so empty without our dear little companions, but we are still surrounded by images of them, on mugs, mousemat, calendars, photos, and they have appeared on several birthday cakes and even postage stamps! It will be very poignant this Christmas, as we will miss seeing them surge inside to investigate the Christmas tree. It was lovely to watch them find their little stockings on the lower branches, containing their favourite chocolate flavoured treats!

Thank you once again, Karen and Jonathan, for bring Herbie and Daisy into our lives.  It has been such a joy and privilege to have known them. We will never forget them, and they will live on in our hearts, that is for sure.

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