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Harvey Bunny
July 2006 - April 2012

I’m writing to thank you for bringing such a wonderful companion into our lives.

Sadly we lost our beloved cuddly companion on Monday and we are struggling very much to come to terms with it.  

Harvey was like a celebrity in our village. He loved to sit in the front garden (and when he was younger eat all the plants!) and bask in the sunshine while children came into the garden to give him cuddles. He helped me with the gardening. He loved to pick up empty pots and re-arrange them in the grass and absolutely adored by herb garden, especially lavender heads.

He was our constant companion. Living in our house 24/7 he’d greet us when we came home from work, jump on our bed when we were asleep and lay on our fireplace in the evening – even when the fire was on! (He loved to be warm!)

It’s only now that he’s gone I realise how much I used to talk to him. You were absolutely right when you said they’re the best pets. I’ve had both cats and dogs and I feel like these bunnies have well and truly won me over. The tears my husband and I have shed over the last week are both sad and happy tears. Sad because we’ll never get a snuggle from Harvey again, he’ll never lie next to me and kiss my face (he loved licking faces) and I’ll never wake up and see that little face waiting eagerly for his breakfast. (Harvey LOOOOOOOVED his food!!!)

So, we find ourselves bunny-less and pretty lonely. I know its early days but we’re pretty certain that no other animal can compete with the wonderful Frechies. Therefore we are starting to think about perhaps getting a new addition to the family. However, I’d really like your advice. Harvey was wonderful with people and kids (as long as they didn’t rush up to him) but me and my husband are thinking about starting a family soon and I wondered what your advice / experience was with young children and house rabbits?

If we were to welcome another rabbit into our home there is nowhere else I’d go to get one. Harvey was truly amazing and a huge part of that was how much love and care he was obviously given during the first few weeks of his life with you.

Thank you once again for allowing us to enjoy the most amazing pet you could ever hope to have.

April 2012

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