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June 2001 - 23 April 2012

I'm afraid i have some very sad news.  Our house bunny, Honey, died last Monday afternoon 23rd April.  We 'adopted' her from you in August 2001, with her sister Sandy. If i remember rightly, their mum was 'Nutmeg'.  Unfortunately Sandy died at 3yrs old from VHD, but amazingly Honey survived, and would have been 11yrs old on the 30th June.

She was a very well travelled bunny, coming with us to holiday cottages, and in our motorhome, all over Britain.  In fact, we were in the motorhome with her, on a campsite in Moreton-in-Marsh when she passed away. She had been 'slowing up' for a couple of months, and her left hind leg had turned inwards.  We took her to the vets and were given painkillers for her to make her more comfortable. However, this didnt stop her, and she still spent most of the day out in the garden!                                                                                                                                                       

Our only regret, is that we had gone for a short walk, and were not with her when she actually passed away.  We cannot believe how much we miss her companionship and wicked personality. We drove straight back to South Wales when it happened, and buried her with her sister and her best friend (our dog Cal, who died last October). It was very strange returning to the campsite without her then.

It is weird to be able to actually eat a piece of toast without her on your chest, for the first time in 11yrs!!!  We would definately love to adopt another one of your bunnies in the future, but are missing Honey too much at the moment to contemplate replacing her.

Thank you very much for your help and advice over the past years, and for giving us our best pet ever.  We will definately see you in the future.  Until then, many thanks

April 2012

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