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Little Jess Little Steve

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Little Jess and Little Steve

The moment I laid eyes on Little Jess and Little Steve I was smitten.  

The journey home with them on my lap was magical.  From that day on, our love for them grew and grew.  

One of my first memories is of having little Jess and little Steve in their house and pen overnight, so we knew they were safe until morning.  One night we carried out our usual routine and I closed the pen and said goodnight.  Next thing I knew little Steve hopped straight over the pen and out of his bedroom!  I was oblivious to the nibbled wallpaper, carpet, furniture, countless phone chargers and my hair straightener cables had it numerous times – my own fault for leaving them within reach.  I learned after a couple of years!  Although, last year I had to ask work for a new ‘leave sheet’, as Little Steve had nibbled a large piece of my old one – my manager held it up in front of the office and everyone had a good laugh!  I remember coming home one day and the 8 pot plants on the window sill were all over the floor – Little Jess and Steve had climbed the sofa, computer table and then managed to hop along the length of the window sill.  Just a few, of many, many, memories that make me smile.

Big Steve and I had so many lovely times with the bunnies, they would relax wherever we were relaxing – hopping onto the sofa, lying under the table next to us, following us into different rooms etc.  We would lie on the floor with them each night and have cwtches and strokes. They were both so much a part of our everyday life.

We now have a fully ‘rabbit proofed’ home and no rabbits.  I can’t explain how much we miss them.  We keep expecting them to hop around the corner and I still put my phone charger and hair straighteners out of reach!  I find myself looking for them subconsciously.  Big Steve and I feel so sad without them, but have such fabulous memories of them.  More than pets, they were members of the family.  

Thank you Karen.

Big Jess and Big Steve
Adopters of Little Jess and Little Steve
West Wales

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