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Meet the family
Some of our older buns, parents and grandparents of our current generations, who are now putting their paws up and enjoying a long rest.

We tend to only breed from our girls for about 1-2 years after which they enjoy a long retirement.


MyFi: 24/4/2013 -
Opal-butterfly daughter of Wiki and Bob
MyFi is named in memory of her Auntie Wifi who died prematurely in her early days of motherhood.  

Retired from breeding.

Bounty:  13/1/2014
Black otter daughter of Wiki and Bournville

Retired from breeding.

Minstrel: 25/11/2013 -
Black otter daughter of Cara and Bournville

Retired from breeding

Ursula:  8/5/2014
Our first-ever black fox French Lop
Daughter of Ulysses and Bournville

Retired from breeding.

Lily: 26/2/2015 -
Frosty point d
aughter of MyFi and Wally

Retired from breeding

Molly: 5/6/2015 -

Chinchilla butterfly daughter of

Minstrel and Wally


5/1/2016 - 
Our frosty-point girl, daughter of Lily/Olaf

Lola has very little frosting compared to her heavily-frosted mum.

Pet only - we do not breed from Lola.


16/9/2016 - 
Our ruby-eyed white girl, daughter of Lily and Olaf

Pet only - we do not breed from Lia.


13/3/2015 -
Our handsome frosty point stud buck

Ola: 12/10/2015
Our first chinchilla French Lop
From Ursula/Olaf
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