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Wrenwood Willow

Wrenwood Willow
for your bunnies
- exclusive to our online shop!

Locally-grown Wrenwood Willow
- delicious chewstick treats or leafy-green summer willow for your bunny.

Unlike the willow sold in many pet stores, our Wrenwood Willow is sold without any fancy packaging and brand-name labels.  Nor has it have been transported twice across the world or seen the inside of an overseas industrial processing plant.  Instead, our willow has
been grown on an exclusive, privately-owned meadow in a secluded, almost traffic-free Welsh valley set deep within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty surrounded by a Nature Reserve and woodlands.  Our Wrenwood Willow is grown in an unpolluted environment and is free of all pesticides and herbicides.  It has been cut by hand, watched by our resident robin, beside a backdrop of tumbling waterfalls and a trickling stream.  After cutting it has been left to dry and then packed for mailing to your bunny.

Willow is a healthy, tasty treat for rabbits and other small furry animals.  Gnawing on willow helps keep teeth clean and in good condition and chewing on our mini-logs provides activity, stimulation and helps alleviate boredom. Our rabbits love the sap from freshly-picked green willow and also enjoy tucking into crispy dried willow.  

As a
natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, willow has some medicinal benefits too and rabbits slipping into stasis or suffering mild pain are often instinctively drawn towards willow.

Wrenwood Willow is sold in 1kg packs of green willow chew sticks and green twiglets between February-March.

In the later-spring, summer and early autumn, approx April-late September/October the packs will include fresh leafy willow cuttings. 

 During the late-autumn and winter, ie approx November-January (subject to weather), the willow loses its leaves so only sticks are available. 

 Our willow is a wholly natural product, each pack will contain a different selection. Because our Wrenwood Willow is straight from the field (not a factory in China processing willow of unknown origin) it may contain some natural knots and maybe a few buds. 

Our Wrenwood Willow is cut to order to ensure it is fresh.  Please allow time for cutting the willow, which has to take place in dry weather. 

Willow is green when cut then dries over the following months but is enjoyed by most bunnies throughout the year.

UK Orders only.

Our chew sticks average between 12-20cm long but there will be natural variation between each cutting.  

1kg Wrenwood Willow

1kg Wrenwood Willow

1kg pack (including packaging) of Wrenwood willow cut to order. This will include a mix of twigs, leafy branches and leafy stems subject to natural seasonal variation.

Willow is cut to order to guarantee freshness so please allow a week for cutting to be undertaken in dry weather.

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