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Ross Rabbits
Probably the friendliest French Lops you'll ever meet
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Ross Rabbits
- probably the most affectionate French Lops you will ever meet
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A life of love and cuddles
Our interest in ' small furries' began early in 1970-1972 when we started switching from keeping and breeding guinea-pigs and moved  towards focusing on companion pet rabbits and specialising in our favourite breed - big, cuddly, snuggly and affectionate French Lops.  All of our bunnies are family pets who are snuggled, cuddled and fussed throughout the day, every day.  All exercise in our garden during the daytime and summer evenings while others live indoors with us as house-rabbits where they enjoy extra cuddles 'on demand'.

Continuing our superb family line
We generally retain several girls from each litter we breed which helps us maintain and improve our lines, introduce new colours and patterns, and ensure our favourite families remain with us for future generations.  We keep a few boys purely for sentimental reasons but these are pets-only as we do not believe in in-breeding - ever.  Along with their careful selective breeding, our regular handling and careful ongoing socialisation guarantees they are used to gentle human touch and being correctly handled so have no negative experiences ensuring are confident and sociable companion pets with no fear or apprehension towards humans.  As a result, our bunnies grow up with love and affection - and continue to demand this throughout their lives!

Our bunnies are fully socialised from a very young age and we ensure they are all handled, fussed and snuggled from shortly after birth and every day thereafter.  This is especially important in large breeds who have the potential to become quite unmanageable if not correctly socialised.

We stock a range of hard to find leads and harnesses to fit French Lops and Giant rabbits along with a unique new range of French Lop bunny soaps and candles in addition to other items for you and your bunny in our online shop.  

Wrenwood Willow
We also grow and harvest our own willow in our 2.5 acre hay meadow located in a rural AoNB valley beside a babbling stream.  Our rabbits love it.  It's fresh, green and fragrant when freshly cut or crisp and crunchy once dried making a healthy treat year-round and offer some of our surplus and exclusive Wrenwood Willow and Willow chewsticks for sale for other rabbits to enjoy too.

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