The Bunny Digs - Ross Rabbits - Probably the friendliest French Lops you'll ever meet

Ross Rabbits
Probably the friendliest French Lops you'll ever meet
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Ross Rabbits
- probably the most affectionate French Lops you will ever meet
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The Bunny Digs.... is the name of our rabbits' accommodation.

This is purpose-built for our furry family and consists of a Douglas Fir-clad timber structure with open ventilation to the front and rear plus opening rooflight window set into a timber-shingle roof.  It is cool in summer, warm and sheltered in winter.  Lighting is COB-LED run from a 12v power supply.

Inside are 9 hutches, all of the same dimensions, in 3 rows of 3, allowing ample space to stretch out, hop and run along their length.  During the daytime, the buns play in pens from dawn to dusk (weather-permitting).  If the buns need to be confined for longer periods, eg winter flooding then accommodation can be coverted into 3 x 30' U-shaped hutches.  With the exception of our stud bucks, our rabbits live together in pairs with their companion. Two or three hutches are used for storing hay, bedding and supplies but are also spare hutches incase we need to separate a pair for any reason.  In the event of illness, we have a separate 7' x 3' nursing/quarantine unit away from The Bunny Digs.

We grow our own hay on our 2-acre traditional hay meadow situated in an AoNB and Conservation Area.  Our rabbits are all litter-trained and litter tray contents are used by local smallholders as their sole fertiliser.
Our home-produced hay grown on our Wrenwood Meadow
The Bunny Digs
our overnight bunny accommodation 
3 rows of hutches, each 10' long with 3 doors per hutch
Plenty space to stretch out and hop along
Preparing the base for The Bunny Digs
Making a concrete floor for The Bunny Digs
The structural framework for the walls is in place
Adding the roof timbers
Roof lining is in place ready for timber shingles
First stack of 3 x 10' hutches now in place
A stack of 3 hutches run along each side and the rear wall
(9 hutches in total)
Opening roof window in place
Roof window - for additional daylight and ventilation
Wall lining in place ready for Douglas Fir cladding
Douglas Fir cladding added
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